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Herefordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ela  Abt 1285herefordshire, england I19760
2 Marie  Abt 1538Herefordshire, England I73084
3 Nest verch Rhydderch  1064Herefordshire, England I75247
4 Penelope  Abt 1600Herefordshire, England I72548
5 BARRE, Anne  Abt 1338Herefordshire, England I18300
6 BARRE, Edward  Abt 1311Herefordshire, England I45949
7 BARRE, Isabel de la  Abt 1281Herefordshire, England I46018
8 BARRE, Laurence  Abt 1313Herefordshire, England I45950
9 BARRE, Richard  Abt 1317Herefordshire, England I45953
10 BARRE, Roger  Abt 1315Herefordshire, England I45952
11 BARRE, Walter  Abt 1305Herefordshire, England I45948
12 BARRE, William  Abt 1307Herefordshire, England I45951
13 BLOUNT, Catherine  1502Herefordshire, England I13215
14 BRITT, Anne  Abt 1204Herefordshire, England I16310
15 CHAMBERS Miss  1476Herefordshire, England I55433
16 CLIFFORD BARONESS GIFFARD, Lady Maud De  1234Herefordshire, England I48625
17 CORNWALL, William  Abt 1384Herefordshire, England I14275
18 CROFT, Robert  Abt 1450Herefordshire, England I13685
19 DE BRAOSE, Matilda  Herefordshire, England I6373
20 DE BRAOSE, Philip  Abt 1126Herefordshire, England I6372
21 DE BRÉTEUIL, Roger 2nd Earl of Hereford  Abt 1056Herefordshire, England I37152
22 DE FURNIVAL, Christiana  Abt 1356Herefordshire, England I45741
23 DE KYNARDSLEYE, Hugh  1175Herefordshire, England I67090
24 DE KYNARDSLEYE, John  1120Herefordshire, England I67193
25 DE LA BARRE, Thomas  Abt 1279Herefordshire, England I45880
26 DE LA BARRE, Thomas  Abt 1309Herefordshire, England I45834
27 DE LA BARRE, Walter  Abt 1250Herefordshire, England I45946
28 DE LA BERE, Sybilla  19 May 1338Herefordshire, England I18047
29 DE MARSHAL, Maud  1264Herefordshire, England I17633
30 DE SCUDEMER, Mrs Walter  Abt 1086Herefordshire, England I46439
31 DEVEREUX, Matilda  Abt 1257Herefordshire, England I45947
32 FERCHRICHARD DE NORMANDY  Abt 1030Herefordshire, England I62316
33 FITZSCROB, Richard  Abt 1010Herefordshire, England I62771
34 GREYNDOUR, Grendon  1300Herefordshire, England I17778
35 HELYON, Joan de  1337Herefordshire, England I15288
36 JAKES, Roger  1460Herefordshire, England I73030
37 MERBURY, Mrs. Thomas  1363Herefordshire, England I16354
38 MILBOURNE, Joan  1455Herefordshire, England I45646
39 MORGAN, Anne  1529Herefordshire, England I7241
40 OLDCASTELL, Sir. John  Abt 1360Herefordshire, England I19471
41 OLDCASTLE, Mrs Katherine  Abt 1360Herefordshire, England I20043
42 OLMSTEAD, Agnes  1510Herefordshire, England I55157
43 PEMBRIDGE, Hawise  Abt 1312Herefordshire, England I45835
44 RUSSELL, Thomas  Abt 1383Herefordshire, England I45788
45 SCUDAMORE, jane  Abt 1348herefordshire, england I16297
46 SCUDAMORE, margaret  Abt 1346herefordshire, england I16298
47 SKINNER, George  1280Herefordshire, England I56925
48 SKINNER, Stephen  1475Herefordshire, England I54903
49 SKUDAMORE, Jane  Abt 1480Herefordshire, England I55961
50 SKYDMORE, richard  Abt 1335herefordshire, england I16300
51 STAFFORD, William  Abt 1435Herefordshire, England I48039
52 TALBOT, Philippa  1288Herefordshire, England I66482
53 TALBOT, Richard II  Abt 1277Herefordshire, England I59721
54 WALWYN, Margaret  1397Herefordshire, England I13679
55 WALWYN, Perinda  1349Herefordshire, England I17775
56 WALWYN, Richard  Abt 1280Herefordshire, England I17773
57 WALWYN, Mrs. Richard  1285Herefordshire, England I17774
58 WALWYN, Richard  1442Herefordshire, England I68270
59 WEAVER, Thomas  Abt 1365herefordshire, england I18571
60 WEAVER, Walter  1320Herefordshire, England I17126
61 WEAVER, Walter  Abt 1363Herefordshire, England I18572
62 WELSH, Agnes  1322Herefordshire, England I16438
63 WELSH, Walter  1297Herefordshire, England I17770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLOUNT, Catherine  30 Jan 1570Herefordshire, England I13215
2 BLOUNT, John  1506Herefordshire, England I13718
3 BULL, Sir Richard  14 Sep 1585Herefordshire, England I72059
4 CLARKE, Richard  1590Herefordshire, England I44900
5 DE CLIFFORD, Roger I  Dec 1231Herefordshire, England I58906
6 DE CROFT, John  1375Herefordshire, England I15285
7 DE LA BARRE, Thomas  Abt 1338Herefordshire, England I45834
8 DE LA BERE, Sybilla  1382Herefordshire, England I17785
9 DE PEMBRUGGE, Walter  Herefordshire, England I46253
10 DE SCUDAMORE, Walter  1166Herefordshire, England I46406
11 GLENDOWER, Owen  20 Sep 1415Herefordshire, England I14257
12 GRENDOUR, Catherine  1378Herefordshire, England I16442
13 GREYNDOUR, Grendon  Herefordshire, England I17778
14 HANMER, Margaret de  1420Herefordshire, England I15284
15 JAKES, Roger  Herefordshire, England I73030
16 JENNINGS, Katherine  9 Apr 1451Herefordshire, England I80352
17 NORTON, sir John  1365Herefordshire, England I56444
18 PARKER, Eleanor  1317Herefordshire, England I17753
19 RODGERS, Sarah  1630Herefordshire, England I71702
20 RUSSELL, Thomas  1414Herefordshire, England I45788
21 SOLERS, George  Herefordshire, England I92230
22 STONE, John  8 Oct 1609Herefordshire, England I71936
23 WEAVER, Thomas  Aft 1397Herefordshire, England I18571
24 WYSHAM, Margaret  Aft 1397Herefordshire, England I19683
25 YEO, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1543Herefordshire, England I14369


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE GRANDISON, William  28 Jun 1335Herefordshire, England I48772
2 DE LA BARRE, Thomas  1338Herefordshire, England I45834


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Lauretania  1239Herefordshire, England F28812
2 / Talbot  1437Herefordshire, England F24600
3 Ap Rhys / Myal  30 Aug 1546Herefordshire, England F43788
4 Assheton / Talbot  Abt 1382Herefordshire, England F30330
5 Braose /   Bef 13 Sep 1337Herefordshire, England F28905
6 Bull / Smythe  1582Herefordshire, England F36979
7 Corbet / Devereux  1469Herefordshire, England F8244
8 Croft / Glendower  1392Herefordshire, England F7649
9 Croft / Walwyn  1418Herefordshire, England F7339
10 de Brampton / De Hereford  1290Herefordshire, England F9449
11 De Braose / FitzMiles  1150Herefordshire, England F3568
12 de Croft / De Brampton  1324Herefordshire, England F8738
13 de Eylesford / de Furnival  Abt 1374Herefordshire, England F23529
14 de la Barre /   Abt 1302Herefordshire, England F23596
15 de la Barre / Devereux  Abt 1278Herefordshire, England F23629
16 de la Barre / Pembridge  Abt 1332Herefordshire, England F23576
17 Devereaux / Barre  Abt 1325Herefordshire, England F10036
18 Devereux / Barre  Abt 1652Herefordshire, England F9710
19 Devereux / De Crophull  Abt 1384Herefordshire, England F8971
20 Devereux / Merbury  1425Herefordshire, England F7713
21 Giffard / de Clifford  1254Herefordshire, England F25364
22 Herbert / Devereux  1440Herefordshire, England F8969
23 Lodge / Cooke  1537Herefordshire, England F23096
24 Milbourne / Devereaux  Abt 1434Herefordshire, England F9711
25 Smith / Blount  1529Herefordshire, England F7354
26 Stone / Rodgers  1593Herefordshire, England F36944